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This Is Our Story

For over 30 years, Ali Baba has made and served genuine Lebanese food.
From a simple family-run restaurant to what it is today,
Ali Baba is now at the forefront of Lebanese cuisine on the island.

Rooted in Lebanese culture

Tucked away in the heart of Gżira, the restaurant was opened in 1987 by Abdul Rahman and Nadra Harb—Hany’s parents—and began serving a variety of Lebanese and North African dishes.

Hany joined the business in 1992, after finishing college, having learnt from his parents the art of cooking simple food with passion and love.

Today, Ali Baba is a household name for authentic Lebanese cuisine in Malta, known across the island for its genuine and flavoursome food, refined service, and elegant décor.

We value freshness and authenticity

At Alibaba, we celebrate the culinary heritage passed down the generations and pay homage to the wonderful land of Lebanon and regions of the Levant.

We take pride in serving typical Lebanese dishes which we make ourselves, as well as a number of North African specialities. Whether hot, cold, simple or complex, our hearty meals are full of distinct flavours that are meant to be savoured. With a blend of herbs and spices drawn from all over the world, our mezze menu offers a variety of dishes waiting to be discovered.

All items on our menu can be accompanied by a nice bottle of arak; a traditional Lebanese alcoholic drink made of grapes and aniseed. This is distilled three times and aged in terracotta jars for at least three years in order to ensure maximum flavour.

Hany Harb

Founder & Chef Patron

Claudienne Harb

Co Owner & Finance Director

Abdul Rahman Harb


Your Lebanese dining experience begins here.

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