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Ta’ Betta Wine Estates

The winery is named after Juanito and Astrid’s daughter Bettina, the future of Ta’ Betta.

At the turn of the millennium, I met Professor Juanito Camilleri at a private function catered for by Ali Baba. Towards the end of the event Juanito approached me and gave me a friendly pat on the shoulder, he told me: “Chef today you have delighted my taste buds – this was truly an exquisite Lebanese experience”. Before leaving the kitchen, he also told me about the land he and his wife Astrid bought and the vineyard project which was still a twinkle in their eyes. I wished him the best of luck and told him that I looked forward to tasting their wines some day!

Our relationship continued at Ali Baba where Juanito would often visit to discuss progress in the vineyard, and eventually the winery project, over lunches and dinners with wine master Vincenzo Melia, who worked closely for many years with the late Giacomo Tachis – one of the foremost oenologists in Europe – the architect of the Super Tuscan Renaissance.

Today, 20 years later, Ali Baba’s team met at the four-hectare Ta’ Betta Wine Estate. The estate is named after Juanito and Astrid’s daughter Bettina, the future of Ta’ Betta. The estate is situated in Taż-Żiri, Contrada ta’ Brija, Girgenti, limits of Siġġiewi. We tasted discernible fine old vintages from the Camilleri’s private cellar of:

  • Jean Parisot – an oak fermented Chardonnay;
  • Antonio Manoel – a Merlot / Cabernet Sauvignon blend; and
  • Philippe Villiers – a Syrah /Cabernet Franc blend.

It was a memorable experience, the result of two decades of dedication to a family passion that compares to no other locally. Ali Baba is honoured to offer Ta’ Betta wines on our carefully selected Wine List. It reflects the way we care to promote and use local produce to bring a taste of the Middle East to our unique archipelago.